Condensate Management

Effectively separate and eliminate condensate within your compressed air setup.
The installation of an appropriate condensate management system for your on-site compressed air equipment is of paramount importance. Condensate, an inevitable byproduct of air compression, constitutes a chemically potent fluid primarily composed of water, yet also encompassing oil and particulate matter like dirt and rust. Failure to consistently evacuate it from all collection points can lead to operational disruptions and inflict severe corrosion-based damage upon the compressed air system.

While multiple methods exist to drain condensate from your compressed air arrangement, the optimal approach, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, involves the integration of no-loss automatic drain valves at specific collection junctures throughout the system.

In adhering to water resource regulations, the proper disposal of separated condensate necessitates treatment to meet stipulated safety benchmarks regarding purity. This precise task is fulfilled by oil-water separator systems, ensuring that contaminant concentrations remain well within the boundaries set by regulatory standards.

Drains & Oil/Water Separators

Automatic Drain Valves

BEKOMAT condensate drains ensure safe, dependable condensate drainage without air loss, even under conditions with widely fluctuating accumulation and high particle/oil content.

Oil Water Separators

The OWAMAT treatment system allows compressor operators to treat compressed air condensate in-house and thereby greatly reduce the overall cost of hazardous waste treatment and disposal.

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