Heat Recovery Systems

We can design and install a complete heat recovery system on any make of compressor.
Heat recovery can drastically reduce energy costs associated with running air compressors. Amazingly, almost 100% of the electrical energy input to a compressor is turned into heat. Approximately 2% of this energy radiates away from the compressor package into the ambient surroundings and 2% remains in the compressed air.

This means that with the installation of heat recovery systems from Ingersoll Rand and CompAir, up to 96% of the energy dedicated to compressed air production can be recovered and reused. Therefore, in view of continuously soaring energy prices and concerns regarding the environment, the potential benefits and savings are enormous.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger systems Hot water – up to 70 °C, or even 90 °C if required – for various purposes can be produced either via a PTG heat exchanger or an SWT fail-safe heat exchanger.

PTG heat exchanger systems are used for conventional water heating applications, whilst SWT fail-safe heat exchangers are recommended for applications that have no other interconnecting water circuits and where it is essential that the water being warmed remains completely uncontaminated.

Some Applications include:
  • Pre-heating boilers, ovens, furnaces
  • Hot water generation for process water
  • Food processing.
  • And much more.
Warm Air Heat Recovery

When using recyclable heat for space heating, ducting simply feeds the warmed cooling air to where it is needed e.g. adjacent facilities, such as warehouses or workshops.

At warmer times of the year when heating is not required, a louvre flap can be used to vent this warm air to the outside. Thermostatically controlled, motorised louvres are able to precisely maintain the temperature in a room by enabling a partial or full flow of heating air.

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