EPL Quick Fit Piping System

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The new Ingersoll Rand  Easy Pipe Line (EPL) quick-fit piping system is designed for efficient distribution of compressed air and other inert gases and vacuum systems. It provides fast and easy installation, improved performance and effortless maintenance. There are many advantages to using EPL, which benefit the end user and the installation engineer. These include:

Aluminium pipe makes the difference

A high-quality finish ensures maximum resistance to corrosion, aggressive agents and UV rays.

Maximum performance

The EPL system is not affected by normal vibration and maintains its optimal characteristics in terms of safety and performance, even at the maximum rated value.


The pipe work systems are less than a quarter of the weight of conventional systems, however this does not affect its strength. As a result of the lightweight benefit, the tubing can be fitted to roof structures, walls or machinery without a problem.

Simple speedy connections

The special design of the locking components allows easy dismantling of the system without any damage to the external surface of the pipe, which can be easily removed from the fitting and may be modified or reused again.


Ergonomically designed to fit the demands of modern production facilities, EPL will enhance any working environment.

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